About Us

Freshartcreations is a full service development and design company located in India. Our team of talented designers and developers has been providing custom design and application development to clients in USA, UK, Australia and around the world since 2010.

Our clients are some of the biggest names in their respective industries and they depend on us to provide them with timely, high–quality work. They return to us because we meet their needs – we're reliable, experienced and easy to work with. We employ over 5 web developers who are experienced with the latest programming tools including ASP.NET.. We use AJAX javascript and jquery to create rich internet applications that focus on usability and user experience.

  • Analysis and Design

    Once the order is received by us, the project manager will analyze it and make any questions or necessary changes if there would be any need after discussing with our clients.

  • Development

    Now comes the next phase where our coders continually work to explore the latest technologies, techniques and maintain the high quality standards of FRESHARTCREATIONS.

  • Implementation

    Implementation and training sessions takes place, wherever necessary in the final stage. And then, project is delivered to the client.

  • Work Done

    Your new site is ready to go live on the web, lets launch it!.

Our team of over 2 web designers works with our development team to ensure that all of our web applications look as good as they work. We also provide creative design services encompassing everything from rich media banners to print collateral.

Even though we're half a world away, we want to be your closest business partner. From complex web development projects to compelling print designs, we are uniquely positioned to tackle nearly any job you send our way.

We take our work and its importance to you very seriously. From the moment your project comes in the door, to the moment it leaves, it is carefully tracked and monitored to ensure it stays on time and on budget. While it's in progress, we know that communication is paramount – you don't want to wonder how your project is going or whether your deadlines will be met. To ensure that you always have your finger on the pulse of your project, we have developed an ever improving process that enables us to give you daily updates. Additionally, our team is always available via e–mail, instant messenger and phone to make sure that we're never far away.

We know that choosing an outsourcing partner is a decision isn't taken lightly and our goal is to ensure that you're happy you choose us.